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She suggests that spouses, partners and young people to help with smart shopping and preparing and serving healthy meals with the family. the children the children how to cook, said Bauer. We know that if children have cooking skills and good eating habits, they are not only healthier, but as adults they are to use these skills to feed their own children more healthy. – Parental employment and work and family stress: associations with the family food environment was recently published online in Social Science and Medicine. By the by the National Institutes of Health.

– of the 3,709 parents of adolescents But regardless ofned – many of them were of a racial or ethnic minority and lower income – employs only 64 % of fathers and 46 % of mothers in full-time. – Busy moms full time, says Less family celebrations, often fast food for family meals, less often encourage their youth healthy eating less fruit and vegetables and less time for food preparation spent, compared to part-time and mothers not employed – said Bauer. Meanwhile, the only difference between fathers by working status, that full-time employees fathers reported significantly fewer hours of food preparation, as part-time or not working fathers. However, regardless of employment status, mothers spend more hours on food preparation than fathers..* O from Congress was founded National Commission will on Rail assurance made study the study the state of making rail safety.

* The role of rail industry to intermodal transports, above all those who are playing the movement of goods of and with docks, is an important part to the danger that the railroad industry can be prevent is difficult.