Studies have shown that plant compounds such as luteolin reach the brain.

, Studies have shown that plant compounds such as luteolin reach the brain, Johnson said. We believe dietary luteolin accesses the brain and inhibits or reduces activation of microglial cells and the inflammatory cytokines they produce. This anti-inflammatory effect is likely the mechanism. Their working memory in which it can be restored to an earlier time These data suggest that the consumption of a healthy diet to reduce the potential of age-associated inflammation in the brain , which can lead to better cognitive health is, he said.

Johnson has spent nearly a decade, the study of anti-inflammatory properties of nutrients and various bioactive plant compounds, including luteolin. Previous studies – by Johnson laboratory and others – have shown that luteolin has anti-inflammatory effect in the body. This is the first study to point out, however, that luteolin improves cognitive by acting directly by acting directly on the microglial cells to reduce their production of inflammatory cytokines in the brain.The condition of link to diabetic due to the reduced blood vessel formation.

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