The agency also requested routine safety updates.

In its letter the FDA requested that Cephalon implement and the effectiveness of the proposed enhancements to the current FENTORA risk management. These improvements are in line with the strategies of the company with the FDA Advisory Board meeting on 6 Presented in May 2008. The agency also requested routine safety updates, no additional safety or efficacy studies were requested. In compliance with the new FDA regulations, the company expects to receive a second notice from the Agency requires that FENTORA risk minimization action plan converted new standards new standards for the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy safety plan. Patient selection. ‘The FDA’s request to revise the FENTORA risk management program was expected and in the past 4 months, we have worked diligently in order to implement the program as soon as possible to prepare We expect that the subsequent letter from the agency.

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This research was funded by a grant of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research , of the MUHC and McGill University, Saleh.