The American Herbal Products Association.

The American Herbal Products Association , the Consumer Healthcare Products Association , the Council for Responsible Nutrition , the Natural Products Association and the United Natural Products Alliance therefore endorsed by the uniform advice for marketers and retailers, as well as for consumers of dietary supplements:.

To take more information about swine flu and the right action if you suspect you are ill, is on the Centers for Disease Control Web site:.. * to promote strategic partnerships and networks to share best practices, leadership development and support transnational evaluation research;* Corresponding international credentialing to recognize and elevate prestige nursing work.At national level the expert group recommends:* promote strategic investments in nursing education and working conditions;* harmonizing curricula and certifications within the regions, the regional promotion of self-sufficiency;* Includes nurse / bed ratio in hospitals accreditation instruments;* reform of local codes, home and recognition of international experience abroad and seniority discriminate;* Evaluating strategies for motivation and retention of nurses;* Evaluation of the impact of trade agreements on nurse capacity;* stabilizing visa / work permit odds target countries offered support effective procurement planning in their countries of origin;.

– marketers and retailers should be the promotion waive any dietary supplement as a cure or treatment for swine flu.United States government Deaths 15 times ThoughtAccording to which World Health Organization , the H1N1 pandemic slew 18,500 men from April 2009 to August 2013. However, a new study that this number can fact fifteen times higher.

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