The Arthritis Foundation number of Americans with disabilities generic sildenafil.

The Arthritis Foundation number of Americans with disabilities, arthritis Cited as the most common causeAlmost 48 million Americans have a disability, an increase of three million from 1999, and arthritis tops the list of most common causes of disability, according an article in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published. In addition, the number of people reporting arthritis has increased as a primary cause of disability by one million generic sildenafil . The Arthritis Foundation believes that findings from this study is considered as part of health care reform in this country and reduce arthritis research and prevention and strengthened to minimize the burden of arthritis be taken. – ‘debilitating disease that debilitating disease that profoundly affects the lives of millions of Americans on a daily basis,’said John H. Klippel, president and CEO, Arthritis Foundation. ‘The impact of the 46 million Americans with arthritis on the economy are enormous, 9,367 medical costs of this disease are estimated to be $ 128,000 per year. ‘Klippel adds that this figure from the fact that each year, arthritis comes accounts for 44 million outpatient visits, 100 hospitalizations and 9,367 deaths. The number of people with arthritis who have a disability and prevent her of life to the fullest are already staggering, and they are expected to deteriorate significantly ‘with the aging of baby boomers, the prevalence of arthritis is expected to grow 40 %. Rise – that is up to 67 million people – by 2030, ‘said Klippel. ‘These results suggest a critical need to expand the reach of effective strategies to prevent disability and management. ‘.

The Arthritis Foundation to Congress that to Congress that the CDC Arthritis Program of $ 10 million for a budget of 23 million, only 50 per cent increase Americans with arthritis. The CDC Arthritis Program works with public health authorities to increase the availability of evidence-based programs to prevention and management of arthritis. Currently, only 12 states receive adequate federal support for arthritis prevention.

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