The Boston Globe reported.

Some mail-order pharmacy owners have the Obama administration said that Medicare spending could be be reduced and the quality could be improved if more beneficiaries ordered their medications by mail, the Boston Globe reported.

In the USA is a false impression that a PBM a great benefit administrator, adding: The truth is that we do is an intensive clinical company with thousands of pharmacists and who care for patients every day in a very sophisticated way. .. Medicare could 1000000000 USD to save more than a decade for every 1 percent of the beneficiaries automatically with chronic diseases to change an e-mail service system, or $ 40 billion over 10 years if all Medicare benefit recipients were written in such a system, e-mail order pharmacies have told the Obama administration.The research economists Prof. Andrew Oswald by the School of Economics at University of Warwick and a professor David Blanchflower from Dartmouth College United States of America be example be published by the National Bureau of Economic Research Massachusetts. ‘Although there supplement GDP as a measure the success in a country strangely to there in 2007 suggest sounds like may be maybe a day and blood pressure measurement. Thought economists and Medical are to have to jointly in shaping the future economic policy. ‘.

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