The company lead pharmaceutical development product VivaGel.

The company lead pharmaceutical development product VivaGel , a vaginal microbicide designed the the transmission of STDs, including HIV and genital herpes.

Holdings Limited Topical Microbicide Field gets a boost with efficacy in humans outcomeStarpharma Holdings Ltd welcomes news that PRO2000 gel, a candidate microbicide similar own VivaGel Starpharma , partially shown efficacy in the prevention of HIV infection in women. The study also found that 99 percent of women in the study reported that they are using an actual microbicide gel that has been approved for HIV prevention.. The Alliance team will work with CRT Discovery Laboratories in London and Cambridge, and AstraZeneca Cancer Research Center near Manchester. They will try to small molecules that to develop the changes in a cell ‘s metabolism purposefully trying – trying to cancer cells the the nutrients they need to grow and survive to rob.

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