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Fragile X syndrome is caused by a lack of activity of the FMR1 responsible for responsible for a protein called FMRP Without FMRP, called activation pathways cell of a brain receptor protein mGluR5 goes unchecked, and it has been suggested that it plays an important role in Fragile X syndrome.Addition weight of add extra years of your life?Recently, some researchers persons who people who are overweight live is longer. But what is is the actual key to longevity? Dietitians of Canada has seen the proofs and concludes that everyone, regardless of its weight can also benefit from a healthy diet and of regular physical activity. In addition, preponderance has lead to serious medical to serious health consequences. Preventing and treating overweight and obesity remains a priority..

However some studies have showed, the question: What had a significantly lower risk mortality compared to normal weight. – The complexity relation between BMI and mortality, says Kate Storey, registered dietitian and the author of the review document weigh the question: What is the real key on the real lifetime? Further measures such as the body composition and waist circumference, in conjunction with BMI is better predict and refer to the complex relationship between overweight / obesity and mortality. – You have to keep long service life in the context of healthcare, added Storey A healthy weight no guarantee longer life, healthcare yet longevity secure While long life is a multifaceted subject, lifestyle behaviors like Dining good and regular physical activity, are tangible step in the right direction in order to the long and healthy of life..