The foundation of yoga could be traced down to some 5000 years back.

Sivananda yoga exercise: In this kind of yoga asana it is suggested to have a vegetarian way of life with meditation and positive considering. This also involves chanting sholakas and deep relaxation to attain total peace of body and mind. Kundalini is another yoga exercises asana which involves breathing and chanting along with some amount of exercise. This yoga is practiced for achieving the charged power of kundalini gives a spiritual solace. It is recommended to practice this under the guidance of a good yoga expert since it is a very powerful form of yoga.It is imperative that the human population is protected.’ The federal government has sought international aid to get protective clothing because of its staff already, as well as chemical disinfectant and vaccines. Afghanistan’s public veterinary program is weak no quarantine program exists to check on imported poultry at borders. In other developments: Malaysia on Thursday disclosed brand-new outbreaks of the virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu in village chickens and birds in a wildlife park in a northern state. Nine dead hens were found in the Changkat Tualang village in Perak state on March 11, and tests showed they passed away of H5N1, stated Veterinary Services Section acting director general Mustapa Abdul Jalil.