The interventional platform Rush is three vertically aligned floors.

The 14 rooms for interventional radiology, cardiology and neurosurgery is to facilitate cooperation between the disciplines. Each floor two other major academic medical centers are involving interventional platform concept to this extent in its new hospital building: UCLA Medical Center and The Johns Hopkins Hospital Center .. The interventional platform Rush is three vertically aligned floors, each with 14 operating / procedure rooms, recovery room and connected preparation and support space together.

Patient floorsThe top five floors the facility will house the Herb Family Acute and Critical Care Tower. Floor includes hospital adult intensive care units, with each floor having two, 28 – bed room. The remaining three floors is the acute care medical / surgical patients with two dedicated 32 – bed areas on each level. Each floor will be laid in the same manner, is the central core off-stage and support the carers, floor, thereerience. Building tips on-stage and with the patient and his family dedicated healing experience.Known to treatment of of fatal childhood illnesses of human stem cell.

It’s extremely exciting, not just regarding the treatment, but rather fact to cure a disease, particularly a terrible disease that regards the children think, said neurologist Steven Goldman a leading company in manipulating stem treated illnesses the nervous system. Unfortunately, right now, hardly no more to many for many from these conditions, besides parental parents children children. .

In the latest employment, the team took the advantages of the route to take the cells from one region of migrate from one region of brain to another. They injected approximately 300,000 human stem cell in the brain from each mouse, to choose for migrating special role special status because of its ability to serve as launch pads varieties for stem cells and colonization of the full brain and spinal cord.