The mortality rate for the two forms of heart failure were similar.

The research has helped us discover many therapies for systolic heart failure – drugs, Devices and surgical procedures – the mechanisms that cause or worsen systolic heart failure counter, and we have observed the proven benefits of these therapies in large scale clinical trials. This approach now needs to be extended with diastolic heart failure in the other half of the heart failure epidemic patients. .. The increase in the proportion of diastolic heart failure was number of number of diastolic heart failure cases without changing the number of systolic heart failure cases. On average, the mortality rate for the two forms of heart failure were similar. Importantly, while improvements in survival rates were seen during the study period for systolic heart failure, no such improvement was observed for diastolic heart failure, said Dr.

Nearly 5 million Americans are living with heart failure. Heart failure refers to symptoms of shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, and edema occur when heart function is impaired.

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