The report is in paper and PDF format.

The report is in paper and PDF format, accessible with a downloadable version of 31 May on the company’s website.About the Economist Intelligence UnitThe Economist Intelligence Unit is the business information arm of The Economist Group, publisher of The Economist. With its global network of more than 650 analysts and staff them them continuously. Forecast political, economic and business conditions in more than 200 countries For more information.

Releases White Paper Releases White Paper on the impact of the aging population of JapanGE Healthcare Group subsidiary GE Healthcare Japan announced today that it is to release a white paper entitled ‘From Silver to Gold: The impact of an aging Japanese population ‘on 31 the Economist Intelligence Unit the Economist Intelligence Unit 1 is in in the report, a thorough look at the key issues and opportunities of a rapidly aging population and examines key issues in the creation of a new model for growth in an aging society.Serious injury while working decreased since 2000 and this trend resumed over the past year told with a 27,096 staff a in 2009/10 comparing with 29,000 in 2008 /09 .

During summer Superdrug are be information and guidance to their clients about sunny safety, including free of of skin cancer risk evaluations in every 200+ pharmacy purchase. Such shops will be with a with free of sunscreen consultations how use sunscreen products properly.

CHECK RATES the most deadly kind of skin cancer, melanoma are on the rise in UK, so we really wish the human acknowledge what they can in order to protect themselves. Application of sunscreen products periodically and spacious is a start, but do not forget to take additional steps to reduce the risk how well as conceal to clothing, sunglasses and a lot of time into the shade when the sun is is at its hottest. What ever you do, do not be sunburn catches out .

In England, Scotland and Of Wales, 5 million working days are was lose to injury and illness in the past year.