The rules cover the minimal requirements that needs to be fulfilled by any Willed Body Plan.

The Body Donation Program ought to be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Institutional Oversight Committee. Program Policies Body Donation Programs should clearly describe the use of cadavers as it relates to institutional and educational requirements. Records documenting the usage of cadavers ought to be examined by the Institutional Oversight Committee on a regular basis. The shipment of cadavers must follow all condition and local requirements. Facilities where cadavers are used should be secured and appropriate from access by unauthorized personnel. Disposal of cadaveric remains ought to be documented and have to follow all constant state and local rules and requirements.The researchers tested eight frequently prescribed antidepressant drugs, including four SSRIs. The SSRI medications tested were fluoxetine , sertraline , paroxetine and citalopram . In animal models, those able to make norepinephrine experienced behavioral changes when given the antidepressants. But all the antidepressants, except citalopram, didn’t work in the models lacking norepinephrine. These results provide striking evidence that norepinephrine has a critical function for the creation of preferred behavioral effects of most classes of antidepressant substances including the SSRIs.