The senior author of the study.

The senior author of the study, Kathryn J. Of. .

The cells get stuck in the artery plaque leading to atherosclerosis. Netrin-1 secretion which prevents the macrophages from the artery leaving the cells as it signaled any type of any type of migration. Experiments show that genetically eliminating netrin-1 leads to a decrease of macrophages in the artery plaque and minimization of atherosclerosis.

The double-blindch extends life of metastatic prostate cancer patientsIn a newly published study patients lived with metastatic prostate cancer who developed a vaccine of harmless poxviruses to spur an immune system attack on prostate tumor cells have significantly longer than patients who received placebo vaccine report, researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and affiliated organizations. The results will be published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology on its site and later in a print edition.‘Demography are provoking a lack of medical oncologists in treating cancer,’said Dr. Paul Casali ESMO ESMO Public Affairs Chair. Casali ‘It was ESMO a duty functioning for a coherent and Harmonised European adjusting, when cancer patients to benefit from the professionalism of medical oncologists no matter where they live, ‘has finished.

For a better cancer care in Europe: free movement of oncology Doctors & Dentists.

Decision of the Member States will be also look as an additional incentive of young oncologists for stimulating and exciting possibilities foreign, in terms of research and to act the clinical settings such that them more competitive and to work in a stimulating setting, carried by bureaucratic barrier.