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• How factory-farmed egg-laying chickens are deliberately fed brightly-colored objects to bring about a more appealing color of their egg yolks. • How a high-tech organization reverse-engineered the individual genome to develop chemically-targeted flavor blockers and enhancers that are secretly added to snack foods. • What hot pet dog casings are made out of. • Why high-fructose corn syrup, in addition to being linked to obesity and diabetes, is almost constantly extracted from genetically modified corn . • How Textured Vegetable Proteins is often processed using a highly explosive chemical solvent. • Why french fries make an internal cancer-causing chemical when they’re fried in sizzling oil.The Phase 2 data we generated this past year were superb and we are assured of obtaining similar outcomes in these larger pivotal clinical studies.’.. AAID’s advice on teeth suddenly knocked out Chicago Blackhawks star Duncan Keith’s dental misfortune on the ice can be an occupational hazard for hockey players, but teeth could be dropped in accidents also, sports mishaps and falls that may happen to anyone. So what in the event you do when a number of of your teeth are abruptly knocked out? The most obvious advice is get to a dentist immediately, but the kind of damage suffered will influence how the damaged teeth could be treated, according to Joseph Orrico, DDS, president-elect of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry , who procedures in Elmwood Recreation area, Ill. And played semi-pro hockey.