This fresh product requires no particular understanding of chemistry.

This fresh product requires no particular understanding of chemistry, and generates no dangerous chemical waste and shows test results in less than about a minute, greatly reducing operational testing time and price for the water sector. ‘We discovered the ANDalyze product to become a fast and simple test for the recognition of lead in drinking water. It is much easier than other methods on the market today, its fast response simpleness and time are needed for field testing,’ stated Haibin Ma, of Focused Photonics, one of ANDalyze’s first customers in China.Misdiagnosis probably plays a part in a vicious cycle of increasing ill-health and deepening poverty, say colleagues and Barnish at the Liverpool School. Instead, simple and quick blood testing could be used to confirm malaria cases. Testing equipment and staff costs money, but the expense needs to be weighed against the money saved by not treating non-malaria fevers with increasingly expensive malaria drugs. A cost-benefit analysis of analysis and medication delivery in urban settings is required. By Daniel Nelson.

African American individuals who are susceptible to hypertension may reap the benefits of storytelling: New study Controlling blood pressure isn’t only a medical challenge, but a social one aswell.