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The results, in the 30th October issue of the cell displayed a partial explanation for human complexity over yeast but also throw a curve ball in what we about protein about protein functions. – Everyone knows that transcription factors bind to the DNA and everyone knows that bind to them in a sequence – specific manner, says Heng Zhu, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences and a member of the High Throughput Biology Center.

One by one, the team tested each of the 460 DNA sequences against the 4,200 protein-containing chip. In addition to finding many protein-DNA interactions for transcription factors, some confirming previously known interactions, the team found 367 new unconventional DNA binding proteins – proteins known to do other cellular functions. This nearly doubles the number of known protein-DNA interactions, says Jiang Qian, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Hopkins. Lizhi Jiang, Jimmy Lin, Hee – Sool Rho, Crystal Woodard, Hong Wang, Jun – Seop Jeong, Shunyou Long, Xiaofei He Herschel Wade, Blackshaw, Qian and Zhu, all of Johns Hopkins.The Associated Press: ‘Add that had one of their first talk about a large crowd as it was inaugurated in on November 3 , Dr Regina Benjamin, that the %age of U.S. Doctors who have minorities being just 6 %age – come which same ratio as a century before , the number of made a 2004 estimate the %age of U.S. Doctors who are black or Hispanic blacks and Hispanics account for around 28 % of of the U.S. Population, according 2008 figures from the U.S.

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