Water fluoridation has been widely used in the United States since about 1960.

Water fluoridation has been widely used in the United States since about 1960. Although they are often the subject of controversy, Saha says it has the effect of improving the overall health of the teeth by a very simple chemical process. When recording in water systems , fluoride reacts with a naturally occurring mineral, calcium phosphate, and produces a compound called fluorapatite. For these reasons then bonds with humans teeth to a hard, protective coating resists forming corrosion. This is important for dental health.

Patent on his fluoride-sensing process in June 2013, he hopes next year whether to know the patent can be granted if. Is, the next step is likely to be his discovery to an outside company for commercial potential test it for commercial potential and then, if all goes well, they develop into a marketable product licensing.

While other fluoride sensors exist, many of them can not fluoride and other fluoride and other anions – negatively charged ions – that may be present in the water.’Although they can detect fluoride, they can not accurately measure the level of fluoride, ‘Saha said. About 1960.eye detection of fluoride at different concentrations is an advantage of the NDI-based sensors. Our sensor is based on an electron transfer event from a fluoride of the NDI receptor for generating a visible response or a signal that case, the color case, the color Changing the electron transfer method can be reversed, and regenerated and reused regenerated and reused over and over again.Studies have found out that human which may pharmacist can administer for their drugs have lower health care costs, less trips to the emergency department, fewer hospitalizations, less trouble, clot drugs and. Better manage of diseases like diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease , depression and blood clots.

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