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Many people are trial trial, but it does not know. The total cost of vision loss in the United Kingdom at 4.9 billion euros a year and the estimated medical costs is related to visual impairment was 128 million was estimated over a 12-month period ? Can we really afford not to go for an eye test?

Certainly, if a person was, literally, almost half blind all about that all about it, right? But glaucoma lose no symptoms in its early stages and many people up to 40 percent of their field of view before they notice any problems!. Early detection is the key to controlling vision loss from glaucoma, but because of the current financial crisis, age of 40, likely that more people will go to get out of her sight test.‘Once you start that you sexually active, be it is wise to tested each year and each time that it to receive for a new partner, it is so simple.

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