While Akt1 protein increases during pregnancy and lactation.

By contrast mammals fuel milk production in May to investigate implications for cancer Have To continue, in the current study the researchers studied mice lacking either Akt1 or the related gene Akt2 that are expressed in the same areas of the mammary gland at different stages of development. While Akt1 protein increases during pregnancy and lactation, Akt2 fall levels.

– Our results show a physiological requirement for Akt1 in the control of glucose and lipid metabolism further implicate Akt1 activation as a potential mediator of the Warburg effect and reinforce the importance of efforts to pharmacological agents inhibit inhibit this pathway in tumors develop. .

Although breast cells do not proliferate during lactation after the initial 24 hours, exceeds the metabolic demands and synthetic capacity of the lactating mammary gland that of any other tissue, explained the researchers.. In fact, the researchers have found out that the failed mammary gland cells of Akt1-deficient mice, critical metabolic pathways during the transition from pregnancy to lactation, which in turn led to other deficiencies intervene.Order to determine the number of Non smoking households, R. Information from the National Cancer Institute Tobacco Use Supplement the Current Population Survey. They found out optional Non smoking legislation in households for almost 45 percent in 1993, doubled 86 percent in 2006, probably because of the increased aware of secondhand smoke danger and a reduction of the number of smokers in the houses of. – Smoke-free rules in houses are extremely important children children, given the many adverse effects thrift ETS field exposure on child health is, Alpert said.

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