With traditional 3 D imaging.

with traditional 3 – D imaging, you can not capture a moving object, Brooker said, With the FINCH SCOPE, you can more. Planes to photograph at once, so that you can capture a 3-D image of a moving object. Researchers now able to quickly to track biological events in cells .

Human iPSC technology provides a solution to this problem. CDI’s human iPSC-derived heart cells, cardiomyocytes Icel , have properties very similar to primary human cells and are therefore a relevant model system for the functional analysis required. In addition, CDI establish the only company with the ability to iPS cells and differentiate them in great numbers and in high quality. Purity of a typical standard blood collection, which MCW perform these series of experiments We are particularly excited about this project, because we see them as a harbinger of the next great scientific wave: the link between genotype and phenotype by iPSC -derived terminal tissue cells..Rating ACE Fit Fact . And its applications of Osteoporosis Now to learn more on prevention of bone loss at all ages. Rates this.